Application Maintenance

Outsource your Application Maintenance. In-source Innovation

With businesses currently reducing costs and overheads, employees are being asked to do more with fewer resources, and to achieve this they become ever more reliant on their business IT Applications to get the job done. At the same time, executive management wants IT to help streamline business processes and deliver innovative new solutions to reduce costs and improve competitiveness. As a result, businesses are tasked to find and evaluate new opportunities to meet current demands.

If your answers to the above questions are “no” or “maybe,” then you may be like many other organisations that are better served by outsourcing your application maintenance to a third party specialist, like Kaynes. We can help you reduce support costs by as much as double digit percentages, and operational response times, service levels and other governance issues have been perfected to outperform non-specialist internal alternatives

We allow you to outsource application maintenance to Kaynes in order to focus on key product development. Not only does this provide our clients with a cost effective way to manage their applications, but also eliminates the various internal bottlenecks involved in resource utilization and product completion.

Our Team

Our team works to define and implement an effective maintenance strategy which is a combination of manual and automated testing methods, carry out performance improvements, increase application scalability, carry out enhancements, and provide support.

We provide comprehensive QA and maintenance solutions for common enterprise applications across multiple industry domains. Our expert maintenance teams follow well defined agile methodologies and best practices to ensure faster time to market for software products. Strong domain expertise, extensive technology skills, process focus, efficiency and innovation enable us to provide value added QA solutions to our clients worldwide.

Features and Benefits