Add scale to your agile team by adding one of our developers or testers

Extend your in-house Development capabilities with a team of developers working for you from our development centres in Brazil and Russia. We can add Developers, Testers or Agile Development Delivery Management to your team. And all our staff come trained and are well versed in agile methodologies.

Scale up Fast

Scale Up Fast

No more long recruitment processes or 30 day notice periods. We can add people with the right skills to your ream fast.

Scale up Fast

Reduced Management Costs

Dont wory about HR, IT, Admin, Accounts Maintance, etc we will handle all that for you.

Scale up Fast

Real Technical Experts

With kaynes we only hire technically excelent people and as a company we provide expert knowlage and training in most of todays popular development pleatforms.

Scale up Fast

No Long Contracts

Say good bye to long contracts and scale down with only 5-30 days notice.

Scale up Fast

Zero Liability

No more employment taxes, labour laws, national insurance or sick day compensation.

Scale up Fast

Low Capital Investment

For only a fraction of the cost of a local employee you can add a true employee through a video screen.

Rent our Engineer Rent our Engineer

Add one of our real developers or testers to work in your team full or part time

We can add a junior to highly skilled developers or testers to your team depending on your requirement and budget. And since we only hire intelligent, motivated and well educated people we feel confident that you will be adding a major asset to the delivery of your goals. All our staff speak 100% well spoken English and can converse easily over skype or google hangouts during the working day with your team where ever they are in the world.

Augment your team with specific skills

Whether you need mobile iOS to backend Java AWS skills we can support your needs in most popular technology stacks. We can add those missing tech skills to your team that you may find costly or time consuming to recruit for in your location. In our stack section of our website you can see a list of the technologies we specialize in supporting.

Put a rocket in to your team’s velocity

At Kaynes specialize on quickly on-boarding staff into your team and we realize that the learning curve of existing systems can be steep at first. When we add one of our employees to your team we also try to make sure they have all the support nessicary to learn your existing system and get up to speed as quickly as possible. Once the initial on-boarding is over we think you will quickly find that the strength of our candidate selection and in house training will quickly make a marked effect on your team.

Hire fast and cost effectively for the skills you need

It’s know all too well the difficulty of hiring specific technology skillsets even in the most well-known tech cities. In most cases we can supply you with staff that will match even the most in short supply technology stacks. Through a diverse in-house development community, we can support most of the development technologies that are popular today from Linux LAMP to Windows .net to JAVA and desktop to mobile to cloud (AWS/Azure). Give us a chance to find you someone perfect for your team and you won’t be disappointed!